Kayak Fishing Trip

Everyday | 8:00am


In our fishing kayaks you can go where the fish are. Many big fish like to feed in very shallow creeks and inlets where power boats can’t go. The Kayak lets you go there! Kayak fishing is becoming a hugely popular sport because in a shallow draft kayak you can quietly get up into the shallows where the big fish like to feed. Our experienced guide will take you to the best saltwater fishing spots in the area. Go after red-fish (aka spot tail, red drum, puppy drum), flounder, speckled trout, weakfish, mackerel, spot, croaker, whiting, blue-fish and more. All fishing kayak tours can normally accommodate a maximum of 4 participants.


Single Person $160 per person

Group of 2-4 people $130 per person

Available Times


  • 8:00am


4 Hours

Meeting Location

Meets in Pawleys Island

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