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March Is An Amazing Time For A Kayak Ecotour

The rest of March is forecast to be perfect for our Kayak EcoTours. It is warm enough to bring out the snakes, and alligators. This has been evident on our tours this week. The them of today’s tour was Brown Watersnakes. They were everywhere. We saw three very big females, as well as so many small and medium sized snakes that I stopped counting after about twelve.

Our Cox Ferry Lake alligator was back in his favorite spot again today, and the Osprey couple put on a nice little show, when the male brought a fish to the female at the nest. Osprey are very talkative birds, but when he brings her food, the conversation really picks up.

We have been seeing signs of beaver, but have not seen the actual animals. This is a good spot for beaver, since there are few landscaped yards or them to destroy.

We had one Pied-Billed Grebe again today. He has been there all week.

There were quite a few baby turtles in the floating plants today. Several of them looked like Yellow-Bellied Slider X Red-Eared Slider hybrids. This is not something we like to see, since the Red-Eared Slider is non-native.


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